Essential Antioxidant Powder


Our Essential Antioxidant Powder is a miracle-worker for the skin. No matter your skin issues, you are sure to experience dramatic improvements with regular use. In fact, most users begin to see improvements in a matter of days!

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but NOTHING you’ve ever bought in a department store has actually improved your skin’s well-being. Not because these products lack the correct ingredients, necessarily, but because the ingredients they use are no longer fresh. By the time they make it from the factory, to the warehouse, the the department store shelf, they no longer carry the necessary vitality.

The big-brad skincare manufacturers don’t want you to know how volatile their antioxidant ingredients are. In fact, it’s like the difference between a fresh salad, straight from the garden, and one you bought from a convenience store. Which most likely contains the best nutrients? You already know the answer — it’s the fresh salad, of course. The same holds true for cosmetic products. Fresh is ALWAYS best.

It’s tremendously important for your antioxidant powder to get added to your facial cream the moment before it gets applied to your skin. Of course, the big-brands don’t let you in on this secret. While doing so may seem like an extra step, there’s good reason for it — and you’ll be amazed after trying and seeing the difference!

As soon as these vitamins and antioxidants are mixed with water their potency starts to diminish. That’s why keeping the powder and cream separate, until the moment before mixing and applying to your skin, is so crucial.

Our skin requires so many beneficial antioxidants that, if they were all added to one cream it would lose its silky, smooth texture. It’s for this reason that we separately create and package our three skin products.

Not only does your skin require the freshest, most potent ingredients, it should avoid any of the harmful petroleum based ingredients used by the big over-the-counter brands.

We formulate our skincare products with only natural ingredients that haven’t been subjected to harsh chemical processes; such toxic ingredients actually damage your skin. So, when it comes to investing your hard-earned dollars, with HealThySelf Skincare products, you are not only guaranteed the freshest, most potent ingredients available, but the most natural ingredients possible!


  • Vitamin Ester  C – Used for its brightening effect, evening out your skin tone, shielding skin from the visible impacts of pollution, significantly improving hydration, and keeping your skin looking younger, longer!
  • Vitamin A Palmitate – Protects against UV damage, Encourages healthy skin cell production, Protects against infection, Smooths Wrinkles, Evens skin tone and glow, Clears up acne.
  • Vitamin E – Used for Antioxidant Effect.
  • Hyaluronic Acid -Used primarily for its Hydrating Effect.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – Rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level and help erase age-related skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.
  • CoQ10 – CoQ10 – Reduces, and even reverses, skin damage caused by the sun.
  • Flaxseed Powder – The Omega -3’s in flax seed is known to help the skin in many ways. It reduces and prevents wrinkles, soothes sensitive skin, helps with redness due to rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, and acne. It exfoliates and cleans the skin as well and fits and soften fine lines.
  • Green Tea Coffee Bean (caffeine) – Caffeine functions as an antioxidant, which means that it helps to protect the skin from free radical damage. It is also a natural stimulant. As a natural stimulant, caffeine causes constriction of the blood vessels and stimulates blood flow when applied to the skin. This can tighten and firm the skin due to the removal of excess fluids and possible stimulation of the lymphatic drainage system. This function also aids in reducing the amount of blood that accumulates under the eyes (a major factor that contributes to dark circles). Due to these effects.
  • DMAE – Is used for its ability to tighten muscles in the skin of the face, which in turn may result in a more youthful appearance. It also enhances the ability of skin cells to retain water, a process that helps cells heal but may also lead to tighter skin.
Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in


Frequently Asked Question

How often should I use the products?

I suggest using all three products twice daily. Once in the morning then again before bed if your budget allows.

Why do I need to mix the powder myself? 

So the product will retain its nutrients until you are applying it to your skin. Premixing the antioxidant powder would cause the antioxidants to lose their effectiveness. 

Can I use the powder if I am going to be in the sun all day? 

I do. But you might not want to due to the high amount of vitamin C. Some dermatologist say high amounts of vitamin C can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. For me personally, I have found that because it is mixed with so many natural UV protectants I have not had any issues at all. In fact I haven’t experienced a sunburn whatsoever since Ive been using my own products, where as before I burned within the first 30 mins of sun exposure. 

Can I use the products on the rest of my skin? 

Absolutely! I encourage it. I use it twice daily on my arms and legs as well where I have experience a great deal of sun damage due to my stupidity in my youth (tanning beds). 

Will these products help with problematic skin such as rosacea or acne?

While I did not set out to battle those issues, some people have reported they did experience relief from the irritation of rosacea and acne.

Should I use all the products in I have a sever sunburn?

While I have not experienced a severe sunburn, I would try it on a small area first. If you feel relief from the burn then go ahead and apply all over. I am positive the Hydrating serum will help with a burn, I am uncertain about the EAP. You might want to wait a day or so before you apply it due to the high amount of vitamin C powder. 

Do I need to use all 3 products?

Yes! Although they work amazing alone they absolute work even better synergistically.  

How soon can I expect results?

Everyone is different of course, but most of my tester along with myself started noticing a difference within the first week of trying. I personally have been using it for 4 months and I have noticed a MORE youthful appearance each month.  

How can your products be so inexpensive compared to department store brands?

Because I do not waste money on expensive advertising, my husband created the website, I personally taught myself how to create the formulas, I searched for the best prices on containers and ingredients, and I do not believe in over charging people. 

How long will the products stay fresh?

You can expect the products to stay fresh for up to 3 months. The EAP should last even longer due to it being in powder form. But the serum and cream do need to be used daily and I do not recommend buying anything in bulk and keeping it for a long time before using it. It was not intended to have a long shelf life. If you notice any kind of strange oder then discard and do not apply to your skin. 


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