We are passionate about creating a healthier environment in our homes and our world and, if you are reading this, you are too. For that we are grateful and thank you!

By becoming a River Refresh Ambassador you are taking the first step in ridding our world of toxic cleaners. Our Ambassador Program is designed to give you the tools you need to share your passion for a cleaner, safer, and greener world with your family and friends. As a special thanks to our Ambassadors for sharing our collective passion, we will pay you, or a charity of your choice, for each bottle sold… but it doesn’t stop there. We will also extend this offer for recruiting other people to our mission. As River Refresh Ambassadors you will be on the leading edge of toxic chemical elimination!

Getting Started

To become a River Refresh Ambassador, complete the form below. We will send you video links to learn more about how River Refresh is changing cleaning as we know it and to give you the tools and knowledge to substantiate your passion.

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