Resources For A Deeper Exploration About C-60

bucky ball c-60The name of this newly discovered compound is C-60… and never before has medical science been able to even approach the miracle results this new discovery delivers. Yes, whether you are a 30 year old, starting to see the first faint ravages of time… or even a senior citizen who never believed you could look younger again… here is the miracle that modern science now offers. HealThySelf Skincare is completely toxin-free; contains quality, time-tested plant-based ingredients, advanced peptides, along with the most effective, anti-oxidant, anti-aging oil currently known — C-60 olive oil. These active ingredients, when FRESH, penetrate the skin and re-awaken the dormant cells of your youth… imparting a new-found softness and firmness… transforming tired looking skin into the firm and sensuous look of youth… literally giving a complete uplift to your total appearance.

Look Up To 15 Years Younger With A 5-Minute Treatment

Younger and older skin comparison